Managing Director's Message


Over the past 15 years, Target Agencies Int’l has set milestones, been laureled and set exemplary standards in the industry. The year 2018 will be no less, in fact we are aiming to beat our past record of excellent customer service into further exceling it. It gives me immense pleasure to say that the company has fulfilled the vision and goal I had when I started it all those years ago. The aim was to provide quality equipment, great service and most of all the after sales service that many other companies lack to provide and we have succeeded in doing so.

I take pride in stating that we have lived up to our mission of “To build strong relationship with our suppliers and customers on mutual interests, sustained by excellent services and optimized performance. We focus on enabling maximum return on their investments.”

Our great sets of employees in major metropolitan cities across Pakistan are what made Target Agencies Int’l to what it is today. We have a very knowledgeable & qualified sales team to guide our customers; they remain a dedicated hub for communication for customers before, during and even after the project has been completed. We have experienced engineers that make visions into reality along with a dedicated administrative staff. At TAI we give our employees equal opportunities and continuous room for self-improvement. Our employees exercise initiatives and accept full responsibility in completing those initiatives successfully; they have truly helped TAI to further enhance its position in the market.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”
– Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company

We have an unwavering focus on innovating and improving our services to deliver the best results by staying technologically advanced with our products, machinery and tools used in service. I believe that when we provide quality products and service, we give our utmost effort for the growth of the industry as a whole; thus, resulting in the over all progress of our country. My aim was and will always remain to be the best service provider in the country for Oil/Gas, Petrochemical, Steel & Fertilizer sectors.

Best Regards,

Tariq Mir
Managing Director