Plus, uncover the monstrous truth behind the legend of Beowulf in an exclusive quest. Infiltrate the fortified city of Paris, uncover enemy secrets, and form strategic alliances to safeguard your clan’s future. Expansion 2 – The Siege of Paris (Summer 2021): In The Siege of Paris, players will have the chance to relive the most ambitious battle in Viking History with key historical figures of war-torn Frankia. Ubisoft finally announces its roadmap for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which features its season map and post-launch support. The Siege of Paris DLC release date. The inclusion of the likes of Ragnar Lothbrok's sons and the famous Siege of Paris in next year's DLC were additions that Vikings fans simply … The second, The Siege of Paris, arrives summer 2021 and chronicles a key moment in Viking history while concluding the legacy of Eivor's clan. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC release dates. The Siege of Paris is the second expansion and will release in summer 2021. 2 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - The Siege of Paris wallpapers @ 1440p, 4k & 21:9 ultrawide This includes the DLC that is said to take place in Ireland and Paris, as well as a Discovery Tour and free seasonal updates. The Season Pass can also be found in Assassin's Creed Valhalla … It sends Eivor to the war-torn region of Francia and includes all-new replayable activities that will let you get many more hours out of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla if you so choose. Includes two epic expansions! The Valhalla season pass will feature two expansions and one exclusive quest. The second is a bit more historical in focus, with The Siege of Paris returning the Assassin's Creed series back to the city for the first time since 2014's Unity. The Siege of Paris is a more historically accurate expansion centered around the, well, siege of Paris. The second expansion, The Siege of Paris, arrives Summer 2021 and – as you might’ve guessed – focuses on a major conflict for the Vikings. More details below: In The Siege of Paris, players will have the chance to relive the most ambitious battle in Viking history with key historical figures of … No specific day was given. You'll also get a bonus quest at Valhalla… Background. Get access to new content, explore new lands, and discover new gear with the Assassin's Creed® Valhalla Season Pass. The quest… The siege of Paris – that took place from 19 September 1870 to 28 January 1871 and the consequent capture of the city by Prussian force – culminated in France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War and the establishment of both the German Empire and Paris Commune. The Siege of Paris Expansion: Relive the most ambitious battle in Viking history. Explore the dark mysteries of ninth-century Ireland, then relive the brutal Viking siege of Paris.